Sunday, November 12, 2006

Sky Sports on the ball

I saw a trailer today for Sky Sports midweek football coverage.

"And live from the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff - Wales versus Liechtenstein."

That's bad news for me. I've booked two buses and 72 tickets for a game in Wrexham on the same evening.

Can't see the same mistake being made for an England international, can you ?


Anonymous said...

I for one will be glad when this Sky contract is at an end. Since they've been covering us our results have been poor. The FAW's decision to award Sky the contract was short sighted to say the least. How many youngsters - fans of the future - can watch the games if they cannot get down to Cardiff for international matches? Its far easier to watch England internationals because they are on the Beeb. Another wise decision by Collins and the Welsh FA geriatrics.

Gary said...

where is all your archive, Eric?

Eric the Red said...

Dunno. It's there from the home page.