Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Aizlewood's at it again

I've spoken before about John Aizlewood's bad attitude towards the Welsh. His long forgotten book is full of anti-Welsh comment, and now he's at it again. He seems to be getting more and more prominence in the Sunday times, and this is a detail from his television preview:

Football:Wales v Liechtenstein
Sky Sports 7:45pm
"Pointless friendly from Wrexham's dilapidated Racecourse Ground. Bryn Terfel lives up the road and it's either him or Charlotte Church in goal."

Good stuff John. Biting satire. Nearly every word contains an innacuracy.

  • It's not a pointless friendly to the thousands of Welsh children who will be able to watch their National side without a 10 hour journey.
  • The Racecourse has smartened up since you last went there in 1992.
  • Bryn Terfel lives about 2 hours away.
  • Charlotte Church doesn't play in goal. She's a holding midfielder.

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