Monday, November 13, 2006

Felin travel in numbers

Y Felinheli is once again proving itself to be the centre of Welsh football. Three buses, holding 100 fans will be leaving the small village to watch Wales' friendly aganst Liechtenstein tomorrow night. Fair do's, that's 5% of the total population travelling to a meaningless friendly against a rubbish team, and a three hour round trip on a Tuesday night.

I have had a new flag made especially for the occasion, so look out for us in the Eric Roberts Stand.

There is also talk of a minibus travelling to Stoke to watch Cardiff City. And it's not even me who has organised it. The Fic is so busy these days, due to the legendary hospitality of Al Crown, that a new extension will double its size. The football club have cunningly lost four consecutive Cup matches in order to concentrate on the League. This is definitely the best place in Wales.

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