Friday, November 10, 2006

Coventry City

I got thinking today about Coventry City. Somebody said that it just didn't feel right when they were relegated. I know what he meant, but it's difficult now to remember what purpose they served during their 145 year reign in the highest division.

Do you know , I can't remember a single Coventry game ? There was even one match that I went to at Highfield Road against Spurs, but I can't remember the result. I can't remember anything about the game at all actually.

Even Coventry players only became memorable when they went somewhere else. Think McAllister - Liverpool, Keane - Spurs, Strachan - Southampton.

they never pulled off any shocks, or had any exciting cup runs. Even the Spurs Cup final was only memorable for the team they played against.

At least they had a few "iconic" players I suppose like Steve "ogmonster" Ogrizovic. But that's a very small return on a century of top level football. Oh, and there was that goal from the flicked up free kick involving Willie Carlin and the boy Hunt. And the mercurial Dave Bennett. But that's it. A pointless club.

Coventry City - Out of Sight, Out of Mind.


Nick Ingram said...

How about. .The first all seater stadium..Jimmy Hill..The brown egg timer away kit in the 70s..The final game of the season 1977 when they conspired with Bristol City to get Sunderland relegated..Peter Ndlovu..Willie Carr..David Speedie..Mickey Quinn..John Sillett.. The Dave Busst leg break against Man u..these are just a few off the top of my head, and im not even a Sky Blues fan, i support Birmingham, but Cov are my local team so i felt i had to stick up for them!

Eric the Red said...

Nick, you illustrate my argument beautifully.
All-seater stadiums and Jimmy Hill. I'll move on.

Speedie is Chelsea, Quinn is Newcastle, Ndlovu is Palace.

The brown kit was hardly worn.

John Sillett, David Busst ? Maybe big news in Cov, but hardly a ripple of interest elsewhere.

chris mc said...

just come across this blog and what planet are you on.If you was Swansea supporter a Welsh team that have won something major since 1927 yes 1927 thats when you last won the English fa cup not 1987 when cov won the cup, and when was your team last in the premiership oh you have never been in the premier have you .cardif P O I N T L E S S city. Stop rambling and support decent team like newport county.