Friday, November 10, 2006

Alan Smith to Ninian?

Well this puts a different complexion on things. If Cardiff City really can pull of a loan deal with Man United for Alan Smith, I might need to reconsider my Betfair gamble.

It was Alan Smith's sending off at Ninian Park in 2002 that saw the start of Leeds United's pleasing decline. They were top of the Premiership at the time, and after defeat to Cardiff, it was all downhill. That defeat was caused primarily by Smith's harsh red card.

But I think the outcome of this deal will give a good indication of City's likely immediate future. If they meet Smith's terms, then it says to me that they really do have the funds to strengthen the squad, which is essential if they are to maintain their promotion challenge.

If Smith turns down the move, then maybe the club will already have had its moment in the sun.


Livzy said...

As a Bangor fan first and Man Yoo fan second I'd say that if you lot get Smudger then that's a shrewd piece of business. and from a selfish point of view we need the lad fit and playing. better he gets that at Kaerdiff than anywhere lese in the Premiership.

Eric the Red said...

I don't think it's going to happen, Livzy. I've been suspicious from the outset that this is just a piece of PR guff, intended to raise the profile of Mr Ridsdale in his new job.

I doubt that he is Dave Jones' prime target. We have lost Steve Thompson, who is a big target man. Smith is similar to Chopra, and would spoil the perfect balance of this Cardiff side. Lok at what Teves and his mate have done to West Ham.