Sunday, May 11, 2008

Now do you give two shits Dave Kitson?

Back in January, this is what the Reading striker Dave Kitson said about the FA Cup.

He said: "We are not going to win the FA Cup and I do not give two shits about it, to be honest. I care about staying in the Premier League, as does everybody at this club. Our Premier League status is not protected by winning the FA Cup and it is as simple as that.

Today Reading were relegated. Next Saturday Cardiff City and Portsmouth will contest the FA Cup Final. How sweet is that?

Football is up shit creek when mediocre journeymen like Kitson can treat the FA Cup with disdain. What happened to glory? Doesn't Kitson recognise names like Jeff Astle, Bob Stokoe, Roger Osborne and Hughie Ferguson? These are men whose legacy will be or already is due to their FA Cup performances. What does Kitson care about? Is football glory about avoiding relegation? Will Barry Horne be feted for saving Everton's Premiership status with his cracker against Wimbledon, or will Everton fans remember Mike Trebilcock's performance in the 1966 FA Cup Final?

I had a conversation at Middlesbrough with a Cardiff City official. He disagreed with my assessment that it was the biggest game of my lifetime. He thought the league was much more important. I don't get it. When did promotion make you feel like this? Who ever produced songs about the play offs? The FA Cup is the dog's bollocks, and we're in the Final.

Meanwhile Dave Kitson will be sulking at home, watching on television. I'll give you a wave, Dave.

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