Thursday, May 29, 2008

Name and Shame the Welsh-not Pubs

This is a list of pubs in Wales which showed England v USA last night, and ignored Iceland v Wales. Please add any other pubs to the list:

Cardiff: The Claude
Llandudno : Every single pub
Llanberis : Prince of Wales


Anonymous said...

caerdydd - the claude, penylan
caerdydd - bar billabong 1/2 and 1/2 but english commentary

The Jet Set said...

You're slightly wrong about Llandudno in this case Club147 showed the last half hour.

Otherwise you're quite correct, once we tried to watch Armenia v Wales in a pub, same day as England V Finland but it kicked off 30 mins later, we had to go into 7 pubs before we found one that would show it, they agreed to change channel for us.

Having said that I did watch Poland away '05 in Fountains, it was on S4C as well. There were a total of 3 of us watching it, including the barman, until two bloke came in full of philosophical insights. The Welsh team was "not a proper team" and didn't wear a "proper kit" and as for Welsh; "Jesus, what the fuck are they saying, try a vowel for a change"

Wait for Wales to be "Good" again and then the pubs will be overflowing, like when we played Azerbaijan away.

For some reason most of the pubs are usually full of proud Welshpersons during the 6 nations.