Friday, May 16, 2008

FA Cup Final replica Shirt

FA Cup Final replica Shirt
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I don't buy replica shirts, but this was a must: This is how it was advertised.

"Your shirt will be embellished with full details of the fixture, making it a perfect keepsake for years to come. Pre-order shirt will be delivered to your chose address no later than Tuesday 13th May."

Well it arrived this morning, the day before I travel to Wembley, and I don't see any embroidery, do you? I really really hope this is a nostalgic nod towars the incompetence of the past, and not somebody trying to fob me off with old stock because they ran out of FA Cup Specials. Sadly I suspect it was a case of "chuck that in and hope he doesn't say anything". Why do I get so pissed off about things like this?


northlondonbluebird said...

you should be pissed off, it's late and it doesn't have the fixture details. It wasn't ever going to be embroidered though, although some people seem to think 'embellish' has the same meaning.

It should look like this.

Eric The Red said...

I didn't think embellish meant embroidered. I think "exact replica of the players shirts" means embroidered.