Monday, May 05, 2008

Fowler? No thank you

Dave Jones has to be taking the piss when he says that Fowler might get a place in his Cup Final squad. I don't care if he can climb Snowdon in 5 minutes, he doesn't deserve a sniff of a place.

Has Jones forgotten what the football was like with Fowler in the team. Has he forgotten how badly the midfield were stifled because Fowler just couldn't make a run ?

Cardiff's resurrection this season has been down to the lucky success of Paul Parry as a striker. Our good form has coincided almost entirely with the availability of Parry to the side. Jimmy Ffloyd is basically a big fat arsed galoot with the movement of a porcupine, but at least he has some presence about him. If Fowler is selected alongside JFH, then I will bet my house on a Portsmouth victory.

I remember the League Cup game at Anfield this season. We actually dominated that game, and if we'd had Parry up front instead of Fowler I'm sure we'd have won it. Fowler's presence is actually a negative for the team. I'd rather play with ten men.

I always suspected that Dave Jones was a little star struck when he signed Fowler despite his recent abysmal record. He might be good at golf Dave, but don't you dare risk our club's history on your cosy little relationship with a has-been, and the pressure that will now be forced on you by the media as they look for this year's dream scenario.

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