Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tom Jones Sings the anthem

It was quite a performance. If you haven't heard Tom Jones' attempts at the National Anthem before Joe Calzaghe's fight in Las Vegas against Bernard Hopkins this weekend, then here it is.

Now I love Tom. But this was embarrassing. He's a professional singer. Opera singers might learn to speak a dozen languages fluently. It wouldn't be unusual for Bryn Terfel to have to sing a 3 hour show in Czech.

Like me Tom Jones is from Pontypridd. People in his generation might not have learnt Welsh, but they can certainly say "Ll, Ch, and Dd". What was Tom thinking of? He must have had a language coach? Were they completely honest with him? Or did they have the same conversation that I understand Bryn Terfel had with his good friend after the fight? (Bryn had cleverly arranged a concert in Las Vegas for the same weekend.)

TJ: "Bryn, how was I? Did I sing it well?"
BT: "Yes Tom, you were very erm...passionate."

Yeah passionate as a newt I reckon.

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