Monday, April 07, 2008

Barnsley v Cardiff City, FA Cup Semi Final 2008

Well what can I say?

Cardiff City won their FA Cup Semi Final. I am laughing even while I type this. It's absurd. Cardiff City are in the FA Cup Final. My keyboard doesn't even want to type it. It's ridiculous.

This man in tears is my friend called Knocker. He's been following Cardiff since about 1979. In the early 90's we travelled all over together, usually on cushions in the back of a fish van. We went to Carlisle once and to Aldershot, Lincoln, Halifax, everywhere. In the picture on the right you can see me having some sort of religious experience. (

Knocker and me were at games in Shrewsbury and Exeter where the City away following was less than 40. Well there was almost 40,000 of us at Wembley and the occasion proved too much for Knocker. When you commit such a large chunk of your life to following a football club, it can have this effect.

But you know, I'm not sure that fans of big clubs can ever feel like this. What can be so overwhelming to a Liverpool supporter for example? An FA Cup final is humdrum for a Man United fan.

It's ridiculous. Cardiff City will make an FA Cup Final song. It has to be Shakin' Stevens doesn't it? I have pledged to get a tattoo if we win the Cup. That also sounds absurd even saying it. That's enough. Ridiculous.


Gary said...

I know exactly what it means to you and your mates Phil, and that's why following 'smaller' clubs is far more appealing than sitting on your arse watching Big Red Clubs on the telly.

I'm so chuffed for all my CCFC supporting mates but never mind your tatoo, I may even bring myself to do the Ayatollah if you win the Cup!

Da iawn chi bois.

Gary said...

Gyda llaw, ti di gweld hwn?

Llun rhif 9!!

Gary said...

damno ... llun rhif 14 di o rwan!

jinxy said...

Good to see you there Phil. I thought you'd given up on City

Eric The Red said...

I never gave up on the City but I didn't want to be associated with the club while Sam Hammam was in charge.