Thursday, April 10, 2008

Penarth reels from shock news

So the police have arrested David Sullivan and Karen Brady with allegations of false accounting and conspiracy to defraud. I can hardly claim that I spat out my tea in surprise. I'm currently reading Tom Bower's book on corruption in football called Broken Dreams. It seems undenyable that football has been living in a world of backhanders, bungs and false declarations for a long time now. Probably since the Football League was formed.

Sullivan and Brady of course are particularly slimy and odious. Brady is your archetypal Thatcherite. Sullivan employed her because in his words she was a "sacker". Of course we've always tolerate Brady because she is quite fit after all. And then there was that relationship with Pechsisolido. One thing you might not know is that Brady has a seat on the board of Sport England, the English Sports Council.

Born in Penarth, South Wales, Sullivan has often been touted around these parts as the potential saviour of Cardiff City. These rumours hotted up last year when Sullivan said this about Birmingham.

"One, the geographical distance. I've said for years the journey to
Birmingham is killing me. Two, I think deep down the public have had enough of
us. They think we should have mortgaged our houses to buy more players to
compete with Chelsea and Arsenal."

He sounds destitute doesn't he? It must be all that tax he had to pay. Such a shame that there's not a way round that. ......Oh there is?

Knowing the history of investigations into football corruption I am far from convinced that the charges will stick. Too many people in football have too many secrets. Look at the way that Cheecky Chappies Venables and Redknapp (2008 FA Cup - The Redknapp Final!) are feted by the authorities and media despite a history of claims, allegations and in some cases hard evidence.

Why should it worry us if they pocket a few bob? Because they are selling us down the river that's why. As we are charged more and more to sit in seats we don't want and didn't ask for, our money is being pocketed by vastly wealthy entrepeneurs, conscience -free agents and mediocre footballers. Programmes are a fiver and watery hot dogs are three quid.

Robert Earnshaw still doesn't know where his transfer fee went when he was sold to West Brom in 2004. Does anyone? That money could be used pretty well at Cardiff now.

Look we've all got our stories about small-scale corruption, but it's us that suffers. What do you think happens to the extra money when a jam packed stadium is announced as a 12,000 crowd? Is there a discount on tickets for the next game? No, there's a £5 booking fee for "admin".

If Brady and Sullivan have fiddled with accounts , then I really hope that a can of worms is opened up. I hate the idea of rich greedy people robbing from the less wealthy. And let's hope that a certain slippery eel is finally nailed down. The English media and football family would love one of their own to walk away with the FA Cup. Wouldn't it be great if this particular Corruption investigation turns out to have some teeth?

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