Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Swansea 1-0 Cardiff, League Cup, 23 Sep, 2008

I don't think anyone could argue that the best side didn't win. After the first 15 minutes Swansea outpassed the City, making the lads so frustrated that they charged and slid and mistimed every tackle. But how stupid is Stephen McFail? How many chances did he want? Yes, I think he won the ball for the crucial second yellow card, but it was inevitable the moment he decided to launch himself. McFail should be fined.

I was surprised to see Martinez's team so up for the game. I wasn't sure that the Spaniards would deal with a kick and rush event. I'd thought that Cardiff would dominate the match, but the midfield just couldn't get a grip. Ledley was sadly missing, and Parry's head is anywhere other than football these days. Swansea will do well to keep Martinez till the end of the season.

It meant a lot to the Jacks, and I can't begrudge them the victory. Nice to see the still fly the Union Jack alongside the dragon. If there is any team that defines itself by its hatred of its neighbour, then its Swansea. Yes, the Union Jack winds us up, but is it worth alienating the rest of Wales?

Imagine the conversation at Sky Sports. I know. we've got two Welsh sides. Let's get Ian Rush as our expert. he's Welsh isn't he? What's up? Wasn't Nessa available? Because she would have known more about the teams than the bloke from Flint. I look forward to the next London derby when the studio guest will be cheeky Cockney Kevin Keegan.

I felt strangely detatched watching it. I used to get worked up about the derby in the 80's but now, like a lot of City fans I have bigger things in my sights. I suppose it helps being miles away. I haven't actually come across a proper Jack since I was headbutted outside Cardiff Castle in 1994. I think the bloke that did it was at the game tonight wearing swimmies and armbands.

I'll be down for the League game at Ninian. I'm sure that will be a different affair, and it'll be a sad occasion for me as I remember some of the great derbies that I've seen on the past 30 years.
John Buchanan and Wayne Fereday will know what I mean.

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