Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Reclaiming Swim Away

Last night's television pictures have generated media interest in the "swim away" theme so beloved of the modern Swansea City fan.

Of course I have a personal interest in all this. I was in that car park post-match when we were attacked by our friends from Swansea. I ran up a dead end in the council offices while another group ran towards the Holiday Inn. The mob decided to chase the other group into the sea, while I was thankfully ignored.

A good friend of mine suggested on a public forum earlier that we should reclaim the "swim away" chant. In much the same way that we turned the sheepshaggers insult on its head, and now proudly bellow "1-0 to the sheepshaggers" he thinks we should start our own swim away chat.

This is a good idea I think. And I recommend that for the home game against the Jacks that we should combine this reclaiming with the post-modern ironic the return of the inflatables craze. I think we should take armbands, rubber rings and airbeds to wave at the snarling hordes.

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