Tuesday, October 17, 2006

When Saturday Comes

Some people have told me that this blog as been awarded the presumably prestigious "Blog of the Month" award in November's When Saturday Comes.

Unfortunately, this magazine is now unavailable in Gwynedd after WH Smith decided to concentrate on selling things like Hello! and OK!

If there is anybody out there who still lives in 1989 and buys WSC, could they please put on their round glasses, slip into their Philosophy football t-shirt, or their Non Alla Violenza 1990 World Cup sweatshirt, and pop into Sportspages to confirm my recognition as the spokesman for the nostalgic, postmodern beardy wimp.

I last heard of WSC in about 1995 when I wrote them a letter telling them they should give up as they weren't funny any more, that inflatable bananas had all burst by then, that their monthly round up was lazy and insulting, and that the Internet would kill the fanzine.

Apparently they pinned my letter to the wall and had a good laugh about it. Who's laughing now eh ? Blog of the Month? I should coco.

1 comment:

Gary said...

As a subscriber - yes we have post up here in Ynys Môn - I can confirm it's true.