Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Celtic v Benfica

This is the era of multi-kitted teams, when clubs will wear a special kit for each different competition, when they not only have second kits, but third kits too. Sometimes, a team will also produce a special commemerative kit which they never even wear.

In this environment, you would think it possible for Celtic and Benfica to come up with a couple of kits that made it possible to distinguish between the two teams on television.

Evidently not. Last night's match on Sky was almost unwatchable due to the similarity of the pale kits under the floodlights. It doesn't look too bad in this photo, but on TV from the gantry, it was only the dark shorts of Benfica that gave you a chance of identifying the teams at a glance.

Benfica's kit was disgusting anyway. It was pale grey, but it seemed to have a light pink tinge from distance. They usually play in red, so why they changed it for Celtic was anybody's guess.

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