Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Champions League Betting

Each year, I allocate myself £100 in a Betfair betting account, and play with it until it runs out. However early on that is, I then stop betting until the anniversary.
It's actually been about 18 months now since I last deposited, and I finally ran out on the weekend.

So I've just loaded the account with £100 and have decided to let you lucky people follow my progress across the year. It's Champions League night tonight, so that's where I'll be starting.

Firstly, I've taken Lyon, just £3 at 18/1 to win the thing outright. Hopefully, they'll progress through their group, maybe as runners up to the reborn Real Madrid and then I'll see how the knockout draw works out for them. I may lay them later on.

I'm also backing Chelsea with £10 at 5/1. I think that their squad is made for the Champions League this season, and that's definitely where their priorities will lie.

Barcelona didn't impress me in Monaco, and despite some better form recently, I think that Ronaldinho has now peaked and will struggle to have the influence that he did last year.

Other Bets:
£2 at 7/4 Liverpool to win at PSV. There was a reason why Kuyt and Bellamy were rested at Goodison, and I think they may both be unleashed tonight.

£5 at 1/2 Chelsea to beat Werder Bremen at home. They're irrepressible at the moment.

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