Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Caernarfon v Swansea Welsh Youth Cup

This is the 1999 Welsh Youth Cup Final (I think) - when a Caernarfon side based at the local youth centre took on the full timers of Swansea at the Oval. Swansea's team featured Danny Barton.


Anonymous said...

Eric - that's Latham Park!


Sad Bstard

Eric the Red said...

No, it's definitely the Oval. The build up to the match played on the fact that the Caernrfon Youth side had no connection to Caernarfon Town FC, and pointed out the irony of the venue.

Anonymous said...

no defo latham, check out all the ad boards, and + it looks naff all like the oval!

Eric the Red said...

Aye you're right. My mistake. I got confused as the pre-match footage showed clips of the Oval.