Sunday, March 04, 2007

Welsh Cup Weekend

I was disappointed for Port Talbot yesterday. For years, Afan Lido were the main club in the town. It seems strange to think that Lido, now playing in the confusingly named Welsh League were one of the early European qualifiers from the early days of the League of Wales.

But I have always preferred Port Talbot, though I can never remember if they are Town or Athletic these days. Lido was never a great place to watch football, despite the big stand that sits in isolation on one side. I always felt that Lido was a club run for its players, and home games would see dozens of youth players milling around, watching the senior team.

Port Talbot on the other hand are a much more ambitious club. Chairman Andrew Edwards runs the club like a child would run a toy shop. His enthusiasm is infectious and he tries to do things properly. The club and stadium develop every year, and its always fun to see the madman Hela with his drums and flags on Clwb Peldroed. I found it a shame then that Port Talbot won't be rewarded with a Welsh Cup Final, but all credit to Lido who celebrated with panache.

A shame too for Porthmadog who lost out on penalties at Carmarthen despite their first ever overnight stop. Port are another club who punch above their weight, but they have good local support, and in big Les Davies, they have the League's most exciting player.

The match was notable for a nasty stamp by Carmarthen's Sacha Walters which rightly earned him a red card. But it was a proper stamp at least, not a little nibble that would be perpetuated by someone like Rooney or Beckham. No this one was aimed at the gut, and came from a height of about 4 foot. Now you can't grow up in Port Talbot with a name like Sacha and not expect to mix it occasionally. But if I had that name, I doubt that I would grow a mane of blonde hair and then gel it up like a petrified Tomcat.

An excellent point for the Cofis at Rhyl. It's always good to see anyone take points from Rhyl, but I think it's vital for football in Gwynedd that Caernarfon stay at the highest level. Let's hope that things improve for the Canaries.


Livzy said...

"Lets hope things improve for the Canaries"?

you what?

i'm afraid that as a proper Bangior Aye I cant - just cant - let that last comment pass without a response.

Personally speaking I hope they get relegated, lose all their players and end up playing Gwynedd League football :)

oh yeah - and also we draw them in next seasons Welsh Cup and twonk them about 25-0

irrational local rivallry?


Gary said...

And a big shout out to Holyhead Hotspur who faced a very good Welshpool side at the New Oval.

Despite the scoreline of 1-5 it was a tough match for Welshpool who were gifted two goals early in the second half with some comical Hotspur defending.

This was a shame seeing as the home side had just fought their way back into the match with a fantastic strike to make it 1-2.

A crowd of 709 (and a season average of over 200) suggests that Holyhead certainly would be a welcome addition to the WP in a few seasons time.

Gareth said...

There was talk of Port Talbot and Lido having a merger a few months ago, but those talks fell by the wayside from what I can see.
I'm glad Lido did well. We (Bodedern) played them away in the Welsh Cup earlier this season, and they were a good little club who were very accomodating to us, fair play.