Monday, March 26, 2007

Choose Wales

Choose pitiful. Choose apathetic. Choose pathetic. Choose unimaginative. Choose impotent. Choose guileless. Choose clueless. Choose amateurish. Choose negative. Choose unambitious. Choose limited. Choose bad. Choose sad. Choose criminal. Choose lifeless. Choose shameful. Choose embarrassing. Choose destitute. Choose hopeless. Choose talentless. Choose directionless. Choose spineless. Choose gutless. Choose ungrateful. Choose slothful. Choose selfish. Choose mollycoddled. Choose millionaires. Choose indolent. Choose uncaring. Choose invisible. Choose abominable. Choose atrocious. Choose disrespectful. Choose dreadful. Choose slipshod. Choose pampered. Choose undeserving. Choose unacceptable. Choose to stay at home on Wednesday night.


Livzy said...


That's a really depressing read.

and from someone who is usually a defender of Welsh football in all it's guises.

I wonder what Tosh would have said if someone else was the manager?

Scathing and attacking is my guess.

but now its donw to him - and him alone - its "a developing team and a period of transition"

talks a good game but - as yet - has delivered the square root of fcuk all......

dewi hughes said...

lets be optimistic,if we all took that thought we'd have no faw or team.there's no better feeling than see wales play if in wrexham or cardiff,let's get behind toshack whilst he's building a team after the mess hughes left us in.whilst all hughes mates retired we're left with what we have,which is a young side with promise.i felt the same after slovakia and my 3 sons wanted to go .so begrudgingly i went and had the best game i'd seen for a long time so get out there and supprt we do from anglesey every home game for donkeys years

Eric the Red said...

There's a difference Dewi. I've seen some terrible performances in the 60-odd times I've watched Wales. I've been sympathetic to Tashack's plight and understand only too well the difficult task he had ahead of him.

But I won't accept the level of performance that I saw on Saturday. It had nothing to do with inexperience. There were performances on that pitch that wouldn't have been out of place below Welsh Premier level. And I'm not exagerating there.

It was just shocking.