Thursday, July 20, 2006

TNS 0-1 MyPa

Farewell then, The New Saints. Is it worth it ? Is it worth maintaining a full-time squad, to walk the Welsh Premiership, only to play like the rest of them when it counts?

TNS were pretty bad last night. Ken McKenna said that it was pre-season, and that they played like it was a pre-season game.

"I'm paid to manage, not to get involved in politics, but if the FAW want
to give Welsh Premier teams a chance in Europe, they have got to look at
changing the season, otherwise it's just a waste of time."

That's been a common complaint from the defeated Welsh teams. Change the season and all will be well. They have a point, but the reality is that our standard of football is just not good enough to compete against teams packed with international players. That's no criticism. That's just the way it is.

UEFA don't help. The stringent ground requirements meant that both TNS and Carmarthen have to play European games at Newtown, and Llanelli will take over Stradey Park for an evening. It doesn't make much sense. I've been to Newtown, and as nice as it is, the surface and facilities are no better than Stebonheath Park.

Still, Leighton James lightened the mood last night, when he mistakenly referred to the team as "All Saints". And a glum looking Mike Harris still wears awful shirts.

Before the game Harris had criticised his team, saying that he'd be angry not to beat such a poor side. McKenna had stepped in with a more respectful appraisal of their opponents. Now that they're out, without putting up much of a fight, will Mike Harris change his assessment, or will he change his manager?


Gary said...

I've asked something similar on my blog this morning too, but the truth of the matter is that TNS didn't come out to play last night.
It's not having half a dozen games under your belt which makes a difference, it's actually testing the opposition goalkeeper!

Rhyl, Carmarthen and Llanelli have proven that victories in Europe are possible, it's just that TNS don't seem to be able to pull i off.

Rhys said...

Slightly off topic, but we discussed something similar down the pub:

Do you think we'll get to see a team one day that is SOLELY focussed on Champions League? I mean, Chelsea have said for the past season that it's main focus is the Champions League, and Manchester Unied also said that a few years back, to the point of costing them premiership points to win.

Why I'm mentioning it is because Wales'd be the ideal league for a foreign businessman with an unhealthy interest in football to participate. Of course, it could be tricky - as more than likely the top players wouldn't play, but say if Abrhamovic managed Rhyl, I'm sure he could build up a squad of journeymen to qualify for the Champions League.

The Prize money for even the first round of the champions league is more than all welsh competitions.

It'd be a bit like the Harlem Globetrotters, but for football.