Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Panini Shortage in Gwynedd

It's getting very difficult to find the Panini World Cup stickers in Gwynedd. Bangor has sold out completely, with Woolies in Caernarfon just about the only reliable supplier at the moment. There are rumours of a few boxes in Spar in Bethesda, but that can't be guaranteed.

Local shopowners tell me that the distributers are to blame. If they order 6 boxes, they only get 2. It's criminal, really it is.

I have even heard that some people are resorting to ordering stickers from the Panini website to complete their collection. Really, get a life. You might as well buy a picture book if you're going to do that.

And as for "Merlin's England" stickers, don't make me laugh. You can find them everywhere because nobody wants them. It was Merlin's deal with the English FA which has besmirched the Panini book, with superimposed pics of the England players and a St George's cross instead of the three lions. Disgusting.

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