Sunday, September 19, 2010

Brian Flynn's 180 minute trial

FAW Chief Executive Jonathon Ford announced today that the hunt was starting for the new Welsh manager.

“We really do need to do well in these next two games, but we cannot just sit and wait for the results to determine what we do thereafter."

Well he's right in a way. The results of the next two games should not determine anything. Brian Flynn, as caretaker manager will have had a matter of weeks to take on a team with low morale and serious long-term injury concerns to key players. Jonathon Ford has effectively given him a two game trial. Two defeats and we look elsewhere.

This is absurd. Since when has two games been enough to make a claim for a management job? If Flynn loses these next two games (and Wales will be outsiders to claim even a point), then will the next manager also be given a two game trial? Of course he won't. He will be given until the end of the tournament at least, and more than likely will be guaranteed the chance to work until the end of the qualifiers for the World Cup 2014.

What sort of message does that send to Brian Flynn, the man in the caretaker position, who I believe should be offered the job outright?  It says to Flynn that the FAW are giving him a chance, but unless his teams grab a couple of good results against all the odds that a proper manager will be given the opportunity to develop the team properly.

The Independent reports that Flynn is "far from being the front runner for the Wales job on a permanent basis." , which is news to me, and also to bookmakers across the country who have the former Wrexham manager as evens favourite. Flynn is the only sensible option. Most of the national squad are his players from the youth setup and they have an obvious loyalty and faith in his philosophy. The FAW are not rich, and this tournament will play in smaller stadia affecting future finances. The idea that recognised international coaches with a good pedigree are going to take on this particular poisoned chalice for 50 grand a year is a nonsense.

After years of downbeat misery and constant internal arguing with Toshack at the helm, Welsh football needs a man who will rejuvinate the squad; a man who is popular but respected. Chris Coleman fills those requirements to a certain respect, but Brian Flynn is the outstanding candidate, and he deserves more than a two game roll of the dice.


Anonymous said...

It's deeply unfair. Especially after Toshack had a four? year interview that he failed, only to be offered a new two year contract.

The Jet Set said...

Hear, Hear!

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