Monday, February 12, 2007

Blogging's a slog

Thanks to those of you who have written bemoaning the lack of recent updates on this blog. But it's not my fault honest. Ever since Blogger was taken over by Google I've been unable to get into my blog. Still, I've sorted it all out now, and we should be all back regular again. And as we're in the 6 Nations season, and I've been watching a lot of rugby, I've decided to write about that as well. It is rugby "football" after all.

Things you've missed me ranting about:

Henson should be on the bench for Wales.
Cardiff City spelt the word "Caerdydd" wrongly on their socks.
Fair play to Collins for apologising to Tosh.
I booked a day trip to the Dublin game in March.
Porthmadog treated so harshly compared to Newport.
Bleasdale finding it not so easy at Bangor. Don't see him lasting.
We desperately need more playing fields.
I saw a 9 year old crying cos his manager shouted at him so much.
I played in the vets game on Boxing Day.


Livzy said...

glad to have you back and bitchin' :)

Eilir said...

I was at an Under 9s match in Gwynedd last Saturday where an irate mother had a go at the Manager of the winning team for shouting at her son. That the team had just won 5-0 and that the Manager was shouting things like "Go wide", "keep Your shape" and other neutral stuff like that seemed to make no difference, he had been shouting at her son. And her son needed protection from the nasty man. What she would do when the team loses I dread to think...

The other team's Manager said not a word throughout the match. Which was probably a wise move in the circumstances.